The Beautiful Egypt


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Cairo, Egypt is one of the oldest cities in the world. In this city, tourists can see some historical relics thousands of years ago.

Besides getting historic lessons, Cairo also has beautiful scenery to enjoy and take pictures for tourists who visit. Reporting from the Onestep4ward page, here are four beautiful views that you can enjoy while in Cairo.

Giza Pyramid

Predictably, at number one is the Pyramid building, this historic building is one of the wonders of the world. From the past until now, the Pyramid is always a prima donna for tourists to visit. Not a few people perpetuate their holiday moments in front of the entrance to the Pyramid building.

Egyptian Museum

Visit the Museum like taking you back in time. In addition to the many artifacts or relics of the time of Pharaoh, here you can also enjoy the atmosphere like a city in medieval times. This atmosphere is the most sought after by tourists, where they can live like in the days of Pharaoh with a stunning view of the Nile.

Fortress and Ali Pasha Mosque

After visiting the Egyptian Museum, you can stop by the Citadel and Ali Pasha Mosque, which is close by. This fort was built in the mass of the Ottoman empire, while the mosque was built during the reign of Mohamed Ali Pasha. This castle and mosque offers stunning architectural views.

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili is the gateway to entering the African Continent, you may not be legally coming to Africa if you don’t stop by this building. Here there are markets that sell various kinds of snacks typical of the African continent, especially Egypt.

Red Sea Coast

Red Sea Coast is located in the eastern part of Egypt and is rich in underwater diversity. Its length crossed the Suez Canal to the southern Sudan border as far as 800 km. Clear sea water with various types of fish and equipped with luxury resorts makes Red Sea Cost right for enjoying exotic vacations and is one of the best diving spots.

Luxor City

Visiting Luxor seems to take you around an open-air museum. Yes, the city holds ancient relics such as 60 carved king underground graves, Luxor temples and Karnak temples, and various other ancient monuments dating from 1500 to 1000 BC.

Hercules and Dionysos is birth here .  It near the Nile River, about 500 km south of Cairo. Luxor stands on an ancient city called Thebes by the Greeks and in Ancient Egypt it is called Waset.

Nil River

The Nile is the longest river in the world and plays an important role in the lives of Egyptian people. This river has become a means of transportation, irrigation, trade to become a source of food because of the many types of flora and fauna that live in the Nile. Known as the Father of African Rivers, the Nile empties into 6,650 and flows into the Mediterranean Sea


As the second largest city in Egypt, Alexandria originated from a port city which transformed into the grandest and most important metropolitan city of Ancient Egypt. The Location on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Egypt. Alexander the Great in 331 BC found it.

Edvu Temple

The ancient Egyptian temple was the largest and was built as a center of worship of Horus and Hathor of Dendera. Every year, at the Edfu Temple a sacred festival will be held to worship Lord Horus. It was built during the reign of Ptolemy III and was completed during Ptolemy XII, 57 BC. Located in the city of Edfu, known as Apollonopolis Magna in Greco-Roman times, the temple is one of the best preserving temples.