Beaches close to Half Moon Bay – Not to be missed!

There are few magnificent beaches near Half Moon Bay, starting from the much splendid views of Pacific Coast sunset to diverse variety of the terrains great for the purpose of hiking. Irrespective of the fact that you are looking to picnic, adventure through the nature, or even the lounge in sun, you should explore the best beach half moon bay to enjoy an awesome experience. Let us have a loon on these!

Half Moon Bay State Beach

When it is about the beaches close to the Half Moon Bay, you will not get much closer as the Half Moon Bay State Beach. It is mainly the sandy beach of four miles which offers the oasis for fishing, picnicking, camping and also for sunbathing. This beach is Located within parameters of Half Moon Bay State Beach are much renowned coastal beaches close to the Half Moon Bay. It include Venice Beach, through the refreshing showers outdoor, the sun-dazed gulls which are flying above, and also waves that are lapping shoreline and also the Francis Beach that have secluded cliffs also the picnic tables that are overlooking the water, and also the campground. It also includes the Dunes Beach, with some sandstone bluffs and also namesake dunes. They are the great beaches for enjoying the picnic spots of Half Moon Bay! Also, Coast side Trail runs along eastern edge of such beaches, offering the great hiking and biking trail, while the much designated horse trail is even accessible.

Redondo Beach

The Semi-secluded Redondo Beach is mainly the hidden gem for this beaten path. The Frothy waves would also crash against shore, while the tall cliffs rise in the rock formations that are eye-catching just feet from water at the high tide. Far away from crowds at the Half Moon State Beach, it is the quiet as well as quaint beaches close to Half Moon Bay. Also, dirt lot at end of Redondo Beach Road is basically the place to park, though you will also face looming cliffs above beachfront. For accessing sand, take accessible dirt trail till you find the sloped path downside the shore. The peaceful and seclusion sound of waves will definitely bring you definitive relaxation. It is also a dog-friendly beach, so let the furry friend to tag along for beach breezes and also to enjoy the coastal explorations.

Cowell Ranch Beach

Among the beach which is near to Half Moon Bay, the Cowell Ranch Beach is definitely the great one for the purpose of seal spotting. There are basically 2 pocket beaches having the access to the trails on bluffs. The Seal Beach, that is south of overlook, is the protection area of harbor seal, which is closed to public. Though, you may also spot lounging seals along sand and rocks from the distance. Also, northern beach is also much accessible by the staircase, that also leads to isolated sandy cove for spending entire day in little beachy nook which is tucked away from hustle and bustle of routine life.

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