Best Honeymoon Place in the World

After the wedding reception, usually the newlyweds will immediately plan a honeymoon, or honeymoon. This activity seems to have become a tradition for newlyweds to be more intimate with each other.

In the Oxford English Dictionary it is also explained that honeymoon is indeed a sweet time in marriage. It is said that this term originated in the 16th century, expressed by Samuel Johnson as follows, “The first month after marriage, when there is only tenderness and joy”.
Honeymoons are generally carried out by couples on vacation together to romantic places that last within a week.
Not only new couples, honeymoon is also often done by married couples who are celebrating their wedding anniversary. The goal is of course so that the household dipper remains harmonious even though it has been running for years

Best Honeymoon Place in the World
Well, here is a list of the best popular honeymoon spots in the world. Everything has a romantic atmosphere with beautiful views, guaranteed to make you and your partner stick together.


The name of Italy as a romantic country has been fragrant everywhere. For newlywed couples, a vacation in this country will certainly make a memorable honeymoon moment.
There are many interesting cities in Italy, for example Venice. In Venice, you can walk along the river with a gondola looking at the old buildings on the sides of the river.
The vibes are very vintage, feels like you are a newlywed of the renaissance era. The atmosphere is even more romantic because the gondola driver will usually sing a love song.
If you are not satisfied with the romance of Venice, you can visit Florence. This city is known as one of the top honeymoon destinations in Europe because it has stunning city views.
In this city, you will find a lot of renaissance-style architecture. There are also world-famous Tuscania vineyards, you can explore with your partner.
In addition, there are many cities that offer a romantic atmosphere in Italy, such as Rome, Sicily, or the beautiful countryside of Tuscany.


Classic but definitely a dream for many people for a honeymoon to the Maldives or the Maldives. Enjoying the view of the sea and sunset on this island certainly feels romantic.
You and your partner can stay at a five-star resort located above the sea. Staying at the resort will make the island feel like your own.
The atmosphere is very private with very adequate facilities. There are many activities that can be done as a couple as well, such as candle light dinner on the beach or snorkeling.
You and your partner can also visit Male Island which is the capital of the Maldives. Here, you can spend time together by shopping for various souvenirs.
For couples who are Muslim, honeymoon in the Maldives is also an attractive option, because the majority of the people are Muslims. So, your vacation will certainly be more comfortable, because worship facilities are available everywhere.


Lastly is Hawaii, a place that is often used as a honeymoon location for world artists, such as Chris Pratt-Katherine Schwarzenegger, Park Shin Hye-Choi Tae Joon, to Maia Estianty-Irwan Mussry.
No wonder because Hawaii does have many romantic tours to explore with your partner. You can go to Hulopoe Beach which is in the southern part of Lanai Island, there are snorkeling packages available on this crescent-shaped beach.
You can also visit Dole Park which is located in the middle of Lanai Island. With your partner, have a picnic in its large garden or visit a shopping center.

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