Tips & Tricks To Make Traveling Easier (2)

Based on the previous article. Before traveling, of course you have to prepare many things in order to ensure your vacation runs smoothly. In addition to booking airline tickets / train / ship, make hotel reservations or prepare a private vehicle, you also have to pack clothes and items needed during a vacation.

This time I will share some simple tips that can help you in preparing various things before traveling. Hopefully useful yes!

6. Place tissue or plastic before closing the shampoo or lotion bottle with the lid.

This will prevent the liquid from shampoo or lotion will not spill in the suitcase.

7. Request an upgrade for plane tickets, hotel room or car rental.

If you’re on holiday to celebrate something special, it could be that the airline, hotel or car rental is willing to give you an upgrade.

8. Always place your goods in front of you when you are in a public place.

Whether you’re enjoying lunch at a restaurant or taking a photo with a friend, make sure your stuff is up front where you can watch over it. Remember, pickpocketing and theft can happen to anyone, so it’s always good to be vigilant.

9. Do not accept anything from people on the street.

If anyone gives you flowers / bracelets / rings or whatever, politely decline. In a number of tourist attractions, this method can make you pay a high price just for one flower stalk or handmade bracelet whose quality is questionable.

10. Order plenty of breakfast or lunch.

Typically, the dinner menu will be more expensive than breakfast or lunch. To save, you can order a large breakfast or lunch menu so that you feel full all day. Unless you’re celebrating something, it’s better to message.

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