The Magic of Villa on Lake Como

Marry is a sacred and special moment in life. For many people it is enough to get married for life. Once for all eternity. Some people want a magnificent wedding with thousands of invitations. However, for some others, want a solemn marriage that is only attended by family and close relatives.

For the second option, that is to marry solemnly. There are several places that are the choice of the bride and groom to celebrate. One of them is Italy, a romantic choice that is hard to resist. You can bring your family and relatives there to witness your sacred marriage.

Marriage is the most beautiful dream of everyone, don’t let your big dreams break just because you chose the villa wrongly, immediately visit lettings lake como to get a villa recommendation directly from the owner. and you will get a wonderful wedding experience without having to think about the mistake of choosing a villa.

Beautiful natural scenery, and a romantic Italian impression. It feels like the dream of many people to get married there. When you can do it, you want it to be right. You can consider Lake Como, and look for the wedding venue there. Many luxury villas are scattered along Lake Como. With neo-classical style, which began to appear in the 17th century. This location is the choice of rich people in that century. Currently, it has changed its function to become a leased luxury venue, one of which is for weddings and film making.

All villas in Lake Como

One of the venues that became a favorite was All villas in Lake Como. Inside is a large garden on the front. Not to forget the swimming pool, sunbeds and many other luxury facilities. This villa is in Baroque style, formerly the home of Napoleon figures. For hundreds of years it has been a luxurious choice to spend a summer vacation.

Charming interior

All people in Italy, also known as La Quiete. This villa became the holiday home of Duke Gabrio Serbelloni in the 18th century. His daughters filled this villa with paintings, frescoes, porcelain, rugs and museum furniture. This villa has six bedrooms.

Meanwhile, the main building feels very handsome. This space is rich in beautiful paintings, which have not been touched since the 17th century. Venice mosaic flooring, and the chandelier is made of beautiful glass. Guests can book a private visit for 2 hours, on the villa museum floor. This floor contains a number of Sevres porcelain collections and Napoleon statues which are gifts from the French authorities. In fact, the bed of Palazzo Serbelloni is also in this museum.

Become a nobleman a day

This villa cannot be rented only per room. Visitors must rent the villa as a whole. Enjoy the beauty of All villas in Lake Como. You can feel how it feels to be a noble in a day.

This villa was restored in 2005. This restoration did not change the original shape of the Villa. Furniture, fresco ceilings, damask-covered walls. The size of the room, the bright living room and classic elegance are also maintained. Inside is an Italian-style garden. This villa can accommodate 12 guests in a luxury suite.

The villas on lake como usually rented for the benefit of weddings and other luxury events. The villas can be accessed by boat. The capacity of the villa is around 160 people.

When will you try to be a nobleman a day?